cropped-kl_full-color-01-e1567814295263-4.png@herdogearedbooks is an instagram account which enables me to chronicle the books that have shaped my life (and continue to do so every day). i rely on reading to serve as a sort of escape, but also as a way to learn something new and to push the bounds of the way i think. i started this blog to record my favorite stories, and memorialize the treasure chest that is my book shelf; to keep books relevant and spark conversation about them; to offer a tribute to the beauty in well-loved books with bent pages, underlines, highlights, and tested spines.

the bookshelf is exactly as it sounds. each post is broken down into papercuts and dogears.

papercuts are a short summary of the book. i do not consider these to be reviews; if a book is featured, it means i enjoyed reading it and hope you will too. i have sorted the bookshelf into various genres and categories, so browse that way if a particular type of book or topic interests you.

dogears are glittering passages that exemplify the author’s artful use of language; they are quotes that made me stop, re-read, and mark it so i can enjoy it again and again. i don’t necessarily agree with everything that i dogear, or even relate to it, but something about it made me want to write it down and process it.

the essays contain longer posts where i expand on some of the books i read and other topics related to reading and writing. as a fast reader, i cherish this as a time and space to take pause and reflect on particular passages or themes. i also use this page to explore ways to improve my reading and writing.

you can find me on instagram and pinterest @herdogearedbooks