from my bookshelf: i heard you paint houses by charles brandt


i heard you paint houses is a fascinating nonfiction account of frank sheeran’s testimony to author charles brandt about the killing of jimmy hoffa, joey gallo, and JFK, among other events linked to the mob. this book is nearly impossible to put down; charles brandt does a deep dive into some of the greatest mysteries of american history. it includes a series of photos and verbatim confessions from frank sheeran, bringing the story to life in an unforgettable way.


“Not all people are affected the same way by the same events. We are each our own fingerprints and the sum of our own life’s experiences.”

“Eliciting information from Frank Sheeran about his combat experiences was the most difficult part of the interview process. It was two years before he could accept the fact that his combat experience was even worth discussing.”