bookstore to remember: parnassus books

parnassus books is an independent bookstore in the green hills area of nashville and is co-owned by author ann patchett. inside, there were new releases and classics alike. i loved that the store had a piano and a store pup (based on their website, they actually have two store pups!) parnassus seems like it has hit that sweet spot of providing customers with an escape if they need some alone time, or a great place to meet up with others. either way, when you walk in, you feel like you should stay a while. based on the amount of customers that were there either calmly and quietly perusing the shelves, or finding a spot to post up and catch up with others, parnassus is proof of the prevalence and necessity for independent booksellers in our communities.

location & hours

3900 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 14
Nashville, TN 37215
Monday-Saturday: 10-8
Sunday: 12-5