from my bookshelf: truman capote by george plimpton


reading this book is like sitting around a kitchen table late at night and listening to some of truman capote’s best friends drink wine and swap stories about him until the early hours of the morning. it also includes photographs of truman throughout the different stages of his life. this is truly an intimate and special account of truman capote as a person, and it doesn’t hold back from the good, the bad, or the ugly.


“Finding Truman was something marvelous for be because, like most adolescents who care terribly about writing and do not care very much about the kind of world that’s around them, you begin to think that you’re insane! Am I sane? Does anyone know what I’m talking about?”

“I cannot emphasize enough that from the moment I met Truman there was only one thing he knew he was going to be and that was a writer.”

“One of Capote’s most distinguishing qualities as a writer was that he could interpret the inside brain of a child.”

“That quality–that he had a special life and was going to live it in a special way–is enormously exhausting.”

“Cold sober, he was a menace. Drunk, he was the end.”