from my bookshelf: complete stories by dorothy parker


this is a collection of dorothy parker’s complete short stories. parker’s dry sense of humor had me laughing out loud while reading. parker manages to create deeply involved characters in a matter of just a few pages. beyond the sarcasm and satire, parker has plenty of ideas for the reader to ponder relating to marriage, gender roles, friendship, and money, to name a few.


“What did married people talk about, anyway, when they were alone together? She had seen married couples–not dubious ones but people she really knew were husbands and wives–at the theater or in trains, talking together as animatedly as if they were just acquaintances. She always watched them, marvelingly, wondering what on earth they found to say.”

“Innocence is a desirable thing, a dainty thing, an appealing thing, in its place, but carried too far, it is merely ridiculous.”

“I’m glad there’s red wine now. Even if it isn’t good, I’m glad. Red wine gives me courage. The Red Badge of Courage.”

“It was one of those extraordinarily bright days that make things look somehow bigger.”

“Reading–there’s an institution for you. Why, I’d turn on the light and read, right this minute, if reading weren’t what contributed toward driving me here. I’ll show it. God, the bitter misery that reading works in this world! Everybody knows that–everybody who is everybody. All the best minds have been off reading for years. Look at the swing La Rochefoucauld took at it. He said that if nobody had ever learned to read, very few people would be in love.”