from my bookshelf: valley of the dolls by jacqueline susann


anne welles comes to new york city from new england and lands a job at an entertainment law firm. she quickly becomes enamored with attorney lyon burke and finds herself in a messy and complicated group of young women, all trying to make it in show business. each character has their own struggles–one has talent but can’t handle the stress of fame, another is beautiful but has no talent, and yet another is loved on stage but can’t find friends or love off it. trying to cope with the pressure of marriage, children, sexuality, and careers, some of the women turn to pills which they name “dolls”. despite the cute name, the dolls only make matters worse, and it quickly becomes uncertain who will make it out of the business alive.

note: this book has a movie version from 1967 starring barbara perkins, paul burke, patty duke, joey bishop, and sharon tate.


“…she was climbing Mount Everest and the air was invigorating and wonderful. Even if every second verged on crisis, this was part of living–not just watching from the sidelines.”

“She felt like a girl on her first trip alone, and she was filled with a sense of expectancy–as if at any moment something was very wonderful could happen.”

“Never let anyone shame you into doing anything you don’t choose to do. Keep your identity.”

“It was the most beautiful room in the world. If I could just hold this moment, she told herself. No matter what happens to me the rest of my life, this will be the happiest moment I will ever know.”

“‘…I’ve learned something–guys will leave you, your looks will go, your kids will grow up and everything you thought was great will go sour. All you can really count on is yourself and your talent.'”