from my bookshelf: you are a badass by jen sincero


jen sincero’s painfully honest self-help book focuses three main themes: (1) stop getting in your own way through toxic beliefs and behaviors; (2) your life is a blank canvas, make it exactly what you want; don’t accept anything less (and don’t wait around to do it); and (3) get paid to do what you love. you are a badass consists of stories and simple exercises for readers to put sincero’s advice into action. sincero’s honesty and humor is raw and refreshing and makes the reader feel like she is learning alongside with them. it also serves as a reminder not to take yourself or life too seriously while you’re doing the self-improvement thing.


“Most people are living in an illusion based on someone else’s beliefs. Until they wake up. Which is what this book will hopefully help you do.”

“Imagine what our world would be like if everyone loved themselves so much that they weren’t threatened by other people’s opinions or skin colors or sexual preferences or talents or education or possessions or lack of possessions or religious beliefs or customs or their general tendency to just be whoever the hell they are.”

“Do not spend your life clinging to the insulting decisions you’ve made about yourself. Instead, make the conscious choice to replace them with new and improved ones.”

“…the more connected to your inner truth you are, the easier it will be to use outside opinions to your advantage, rather than let them rule your life.”

“Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.”

“Stay away from people with tiny minds and tiny thoughts and start hanging out with people who see limitless possibility as the reality. Surround yourself with people who act on their big ideas, who take action on making positive change in the world and who see nothing as out of their reach.”

“So hone your skills; take your craft seriously; learn what you need to learn; invest in yourself; practice your ass off; fall down; get up; keep going; get really really really really good at what you do, but don’t lose the fun in the process.”

“Forgiving isn’t about being nice to them, it’s about being nice to yourself.”

“Because so often when we say we’re unqualified for something, what we’re really saying is that we’re too scared to try it, not that we can’t do it.”

“The people you surround yourself with are excellent mirrors for who you are and how much, or how little, you love yourself.”

“It’s about respecting yourself, instead of catering to your insecure need to be liked.”

“Ridding yourself of your fear and loathing of money, be it conscious or subconscious, is essential if you want to make any.”

“There is a big difference between walking around saying you want to make a million dollars a year, and having crystal clear intentions, fierce desire, and hell-bent action toward specific goals.”