essay: morning well-wasted

jack kerouac’s big sur is lovely for many reasons, but one of them is the publisher’s footnotes. since this book was written a long time ago, and jack kerouac in all of his beat glory speaks in a language of his own sometimes, the footnotes help me understand references that would have otherwise gone over my head unless i took the time to wikipedia it.

one saturday morning, i woke up too early and was too wired to go back to sleep but too tired to leave the house. one of the big sur footnotes led me to jack kerouac’s appearance on the steve allen show in 1959, so i let the morning bleed into afternoon as i drank copious amounts of tea and did some digging on this interview; it made me feel an even closer connection to the story. now when i read kerouac, i will forever have his voice reading it to me in my head. i also am fascinated that kerouac’s definition of beat is “sympathetic” (more on that later).

i hope you cherish this video as much as i do:

image via GQ